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Collect Learning Experience Data
A Learning Record Store (LRS) allows you to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has within online and offline training activities using Xapi.
Learning Xapi With Mobile Data
xAPI statements are stored on the mobile devices (laptops, tablets & smartphones) as activities are experienced. When there is a network connection, the collected statements are sent to an LRS for a live update
Better Understand Learning Analytics
You can build up a clearer picture of what learning is happening in your organisation and the impact of that learning on your target audience.
Visualising Your Learning Eco-System

For an LMS that can give you more data and combines different technologies support resources accessible for helping the learning.

Advanced Analytics
Tin can API enables you to branch out from your LMS to mobile devices, wearable gadgets and simulators. xAPI is the leading edge standard for the future of learning technology.
Learner Usage Data
To capture informal learning activities, the source of the learning activity needs to send xAPI statements to your LRS. Several content authoring tools and LMS systems are already enabled for xAPI.
Admin Panel Data
Using xAPI for your offline and online data allows you to connect and utilise different methods, programs and software that learners can use but translated in one place. It solves the headache of disjointed data and captures everything that’s fuelling development in the modern learning environment.

Yet Analytics Example

source data:

Launching xAPI course/ content

Online learning experience isn’t all completely done within an LMS. Furthermore, SCORM isn’t sufficient because of its limited ability to track learners’ behavior, preferences and interests. With xAPI you can better track the learning activities that happen across various systems deployed at organization including learning and other related systems

Multi-Device Learning

While they watch a training video (including as they stop and restart it).


Through micro-interactions with e-learning content.


With real-world performance in an operational context.

Choosing the LRS:

One can build LRS within organization or can buy it from available options to attach to your learner data. Below are a few recommendations which are available on the market that we can help customise further as per your business  or organisational requirements.

Yet Analytics

Watershed LRS

Wax LRS by Saltbox

Learning Locker

What can you capture in an LRS System?

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