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AW Digital CRO Website Design

The story of how our clients came into contact with us, is quite something. After a rebranding by another company AW Digital was not pleased with the work and where in need of help quickly. They found us and agreed that we where the right company to help them solve their problems.

After a website audit and a meeting with AW Digital we assisted the situation they where in and created a strategy to help them convert new customers. How we approached this project was to construct their sales funnel, audit the current website and strategies for customer retention. First we started with the website that had only been 2 years they had the website updated, however it was not converting for them. We needed to create their sales funnel and UX design.

What we produced:

Website Redevelopment

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Optimised Website with booking feature
  • Photography of events
  • Website transfer and hosting
  • Site Map
  • Graphic designs
  • Animation video