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Business Tank E-Learning
LMS & E-learning Development

Business Tank are business consultancy for start ups and growing businesses within the midlands. Their work with new business owners is done in stages and often workshop programmes are needed, which can weekly or one day sessions. From their experience clients found it difficult to make it to some of the workshops or retain the information and at times some do not complete the programme other commitments.

“We commissioned Aurameir to develop our E-learning course and must say we were impressed with the level of customisation and inter-activeness of the course.
The results matched our business requirements. We will be working with them again.”


Sandra Harding

Project Development Timeline

3 month for completion

Required Skills


Project Brief

The Outcome

The project came to us through discussion about testing peoples response to having an e-learning course to aid the attendants and see if they where more likely to finish the course than the workshop programmes. The idea was well accepted and the process of creating a e-Learing system began.

Our aim was to create and gather as much source content. With the course topic set as “How to provide a satisfactory customer service” our team with the clients had another meeting to speak about what features do they want and how do they want the learner to interact with the Learning management system (LMS). Many meeting later we got the core of the LMS and it was time to build.

Build was simple we did not need to build using code, the client was happy to use an off the self LMS package that had the ability to be customisable to their needs. We  only  needed to build one course for the first year but  more time was spent creating interactive components in Adobe and Adapt. Also focused on organising content and assembly the course into a modular structure that allowed access unlocking once you passed each module.. The course was mostly scenario based with tutor lead audio to guide the user, we also added an assessment at the end of the course. Which was in cvs format that we uploaded to the LMS. A ticketing system was built into the LMS for support purposes. We did not have many issues with this project as it was a e-Learning course we had to create, the clients where very pleased with the design and functionality of the LMS. We offered them support and integrated a Learn Record Store (LRS) for storing learners data and analytics. The result of this project has given Business Tank hope for the future and possibility for further courses development to accommodate the needs of their target audience.