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Has been established for 30 years and to celebrate their time in business, the present directors decided that a new website would be needed, to keep them up to date with their competitors. The brief was simple all they wanted from Aurameir was to be “wowed and to be recognised as a luxury brand” and keeping in line with the company signature colours.

Our task was to update the companies look with a modern responsive e-commerces website that would be manageable. The website would also have a traders account that required admin set up. There would need to be documentation for each product and updated catalogue. We assessed their needs and found that they also would need photography of the factory, equipment and team. Including a promotional video to explain the product journey from start to end.

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Incorporating UX design and conversion rate optimisation was one of the biggest task to do. For us we are experts in both and this process moved quickly into the next phase of the project setting ups the e-commerce shop. We had some challenges and set backs due to the shop backend database. The result was finding the error and correcting it with coding, after testing the shop was working efficiently.

Another large phase of the project was product photography with over a 100 products too photography and edit the task became labour intensive. Our team never stoped inventing new and creating ways for photographing the products. The end results ware amazing the products were transformed from industrial to luxury brand.

Creative brainstorming, drinking tons of coffee, first drafts, discussions
Creative brainstorming, drinking tons of coffee, first drafts, discussions
Creative brainstorming, drinking tons of coffee, first drafts, discussions
  • Optimised e-commerce website   
  • PDF Product Catalogue
  • PDF Single Product Catalogue
  • Product Photography
  • Videography
  • Designed email signatures 
  • Website support
Skills Set
  • Web development & E-commerce setup
  • Database
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Graphic design
  • Photography & Product Photography 
  • Videography & Editing
Customer Says
Business Tank logo final
Sandra Harding
Business Tank

We commissioned Aurameir to develop our E-learning course and must say we were impressed with the level of customisation and inter-activeness of the course.
The results matched our business requirements. We will be working with them again.

awdigital square
Eleanor McIntyre
Aw Digital
Operations Director

We have been using Aurameir development team for the past 12 months and it has been an amazing journey. They have helped us implement Conversion Rate Optimisation into our brand and we have seen a better ROI for our business. We invested in web development, self service and design with them. They are absolute experts, flexible and a very friendly team to work with so we highly recommend them.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Tery Bansal
Instinct Hardware

We were most definitely wowed by our new website. The project specification was met and website was delivered on time. Many thanks to the team

testimonial-team (Demo)
Phil Evans
Hereford & Worcester Fire Safety
Senior Manager

We had our e-learning and LMS developed with a lot of customisation need and I must say they achieved the goal. We will continue to work with them to help keep our online training up to date

BCC Final square
Jane Stevens
Birmingham City Council

Amazing visual animated graphics and podcast voice work from the Aurameir team. We love working them on an ongoing basis. We really have built an amazing relationship and they are always happy to help.

Debra Siband
ECOR/ Cov University

The development and creative team from Aurameir did an amazing job delivering an EU backed project which required e-learning. Their visuals and voiceovers were very engaging for our target audience.  The course was interactive and their stuck to their brief. We would work with them again

Rethink logo small
Sue Hedaux
Rethink Productivity

The Aurameir team were helpful and professional throughout the development process of our online training. Our course required them to build a complex scoring algorithm and they worked hard to build and test it; they were committed to making sure it was calculating scores correctly with thorough testing before we took on our final tests. We enjoyed working with them.

End Result 

The clients where “wowed” through out the stages of the project, we maintained open communications with the client which they where happy to be kept in the development and interact with us on the project. On devilry the client was extremely excited and pleased with the work produced however they still need the final sign-off on the project by one of the founding directors. They where all in agreement that the work done was off a high standard.

The online shop was the most important and main aspect of the project which had a traders account integrated. The client was satisfied that the e-shop was fully optimised with customer conversion integrated in order to minimise customers leaving their website. Our team really enjoyed this project because it required each of them to use their skills and push themselves to deliver high quality work in a limited time.