E- Learning Development

What Does LMS Mean and How Can it Help your Business?

LMS, short for learning management system, is a powerful tool which allows businesses to seamlessly manage learning, track compliance and organise training. Businesses of all sizes can reap signi cant bene ts from even the most basic LMS software.

We work with all types of business sectors, health, safety, education and corporate etc. We have also worked with entrepreneurs, charities and large organisations to create unique digital learning experiences custom built for their business.

If you’re looking for an e-learning developer to partner with, we can help you deliver something customised for you, get in touch.

Our E- Learning Projects


Ability to generate your own training documents in order for us to convert these into HTML5 e-learning courses

Document Design

We can assist in transforming your content (text) into well designed documentation including infographics ready for web uploading.

Custom Animation

We will create high impact visuals and animations to ensure your e-learning course is engaging


Track what learning has been undertaken, by whom and when

Learning Platform

We will build a Learning Management System that allows access anywhere, any time 24/7 access to training on mobile and multi-device learning

Member Login

Allow member login for custom profiles and tracking. Record memberships and other certification to support tendering and audits

Custom E-Learning Development

At Aurameir we have the experience of what it takes to build an E-learning platform and external supporting components. Our team of creatives are capable of constructing innova- tive solutions to suit your needs.

We can assist in transforming your content (text) into well designed documentation ready for web uploading.Your scripts into convincing bite size animation to make learning accessible and easy to grasp by users. Above all we will follow your company brand as our guide. We can tailor to your companies needs if you wish to combine other aspects of our other services with your project.

We will create high impact visuals to ensure your e-learning course is engaging. Aspects of the experience can be made interactive and we encourage you to make this a key feature to the learners experience. The structure of the platform should be very simple so that users can navigate freely.


Ready To Go Online?

Why develop bespoke online training?


• Reduce the cost of training
• Generating your own training materials (‘Authoring’)
• Access anywhere, any time 24/7 access to training (‘Mobile and multi-device learning’) • Reduce your paperwork O -the-shelf training content (‘Online course library’)
• Always up to date
• Enables learner to retain more information
• Allows learner to practice new skills safely
• Incentives to encourage staff engagement