Email marketing is a great and effective way to directly target your audience and grow your business.

Today’s post will help guide and educate you in the basics of email marketing and cover a range of effective techniques.

Some people feel that the age of email is over. They couldn’t be more wrong! Email marketing is still thriving. It is a great communicator between a business and their customers. Email is so effective because its a familiar piece of technology. Everyone will have come across and used email at some point. Additionally, email is cost effective. It’s a free service! And finally, email has a better Return On Investment (ROI).

To make your strategy more effective, your brand should follow the basic Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing.

A Basic Guide To Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still a relevant method of communicating with your audience.

The Do’s

  • Ask for permission to send before sending any emails.
  • Only collect relevant information from your audience.
  • Be consistent in your branding.
  • Include links within your emails.
  • Include information that has value to your audience. A dog-owner will have little need for an email concerning cat food!
  • Send your emails from a professional address.

The Don’ts

  • Use your audience’s emails and details without permission.
  • Collect anything other than name, email and contact number, IF applicable.
  • Let more than two people handle content within the email. Too many cooks spoil the broth!
  • Just use text. Even coloured text. DO use images, links and videos to make it engaging.
  • Include random and unnecessary information.
A Basic Guide To Email Marketing

You should implement different content for the different platforms.

The Device

There is more often, than not, just one means of reading emails at any one time. Not everyone will have access to a laptop, tablet, phone or computer. The most convenient method of viewing emails however, is through a mobile device. Creating mobile-friendly email content is essential.

There are THREE key aspects to remember when designing emails.

  1. Other viewing methods are still important too. Craft an email design that will look good across all devices.
  2. Keep content accessible within the email that you have sent. Society are too busy to go through an online process, which requires lots of typing.
  3. The amount of time allocated to reading emails will vary across device. Tailor the content you write, for the different technology channels.

Email Marketing Readability

If you want your audience to read your emails, be careful of filters.

Tailor your content so it avoids keywords or phrases, which people have flagged to go straight in their spam folder. Avoid using all capitals in the title of your email, as well as attachments. Both will sway your email more in favour of the spam folder than the inbox folder. Email marketing can be effective, but only when done right.

A Basic Guide To Email Marketing

Attaching files to your email, increases the chances that your email will fall into the spam folder.

Email Marketing Automation

An effective way to utilise your email marketing skills is to create an automated email marketing response. What you will need for this is an email marketing provider, or a programmer to help with the automation.  There are two types of auto-respond emails:

  1. AutoresponderAn ‘autoresponder’ is a single email sent automatically in response to a specific event or action. For example, an email could be triggered by a specific date, such as a birthday, holiday, calendar date, by a specific time such as lunchtime, or a few hours before an event.
  2. Sequence These emails are targeted to direct content to individuals with different behaviours, interests, or contexts. For example, if someone new signs up to your business’ mailing list, an email will be send out thanking them for signing up, and welcoming them to the mailing list. These will be then followed up by a ‘sequence’ of emails such as regular newsletters, updates and promotions.

A Basic Guide To Email Marketing

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