What are Analytics?

Measuring Your Success Through Analytics

Analytics, in relation to data, is simply analysing the data you have collected. In order to make improvements in your business, you need to understand how it is performing. Starting small and sticking to the necessities is the best approach, and then as you progress, you can analyse more refined aspects.

What You Should Analyse 

Always start by looking at your customer feedback. How are they interacting with your company? Is it direct or indirect communication? One of the first places you should look for this information is on your social media platforms. Search hashtags of your brand name on Twitter to see what people have been tweeting about you. You also may be able to find customer reviews on review websites or on Google.

You can use cookies and pixels to track your customers’ journeys on your website or social media. Cookies allow you to see what they have clicked on, whether they are a returning visitor and how long ago they last visited, which is very useful information if you are analysing sales journeys.

Analysing your customer’s consumer journey during sales processes will give you a good idea of what stages of your sales conversion funnel are more successful than others. If 80% of your customers are clicking on a certain product on your website but not adding it to their basket, you know that there are things you need to improve on that product page to entice your customers to purchase it.

Tools for Analytics

Measuring Your Success Through AnalyticsGoogle

Google Analytics is the most popular tool for analysing the progress of your business. It’s a free programme with options to go premium that helps you to analyse your business’s incoming traffic and decipher who you audience is and what they need.

You can connect Google Analytics to every page of your website. Tt can provide some very impressive data, converting it to handy reports and visual representations. You can set specific goals of what you want your customers to do, such as email sign-ups, and track how well those goals are doing.

Google Analytics works by using a tiny snippet of code which you can place on every page of your website, and when a visitor arrives on a page, the code becomes active and begins to collect data on how that visitor is interacting with the contents of the page.

It can collect information about the visitor’s browser, such as:

  • Location
  • Language 
  • Device Type
  • Clicked-Through Link

Every time a new piece of data is collected, it is sent to Google Analytics to be processed, organised and categorised.

Measuring Your Success Through AnalyticsFacebook

Facebook Analytics is the tool used to analyse your activity on Facebook, as long as your page has more than 30 likes. It will tell you how many likes your page has and what percentage of those are from the current week. It will also provide a ‘Post Reach’. This tells you how many people have received your content on their Facebook timeline.

The engagement section tells you how many have interacted with your post with likes, comments, shares or clicks.

You can also click further into these types of engagement to see more detail, for example when analysing the likes, you can see how many of those are unlikes, organic likes or paid likes if the post is a paid promotion.

Measuring Your Success Through AnalyticsTwitter

Similar to Facebook Analytics, you can also analyse the success of your content on Twitter.

You can view how many impressions and how much engagements such your tweets have had. This includes likes, retweets, and profile views. Clicking into this further will give you more details about the impressions, such as the location of your followers. Your brand can use this data to figure out the best time zone to tweet against, or what topics to cover.

You can also view your data in chart form and export it to CSV format.

Measuring Your Success With AnalyticsLinkedIn

With LinkedIn’s Company Page Analytics tool, you are able to see the progress and success of your LinkedIn Company Page.

You can see how engaging your individual posts are, identify trends across key metrics and understand more about your followers.

In the Company Updates section, you can view the activity of individual posts and easily compare them with each other, see what company trends might be forming, and learn where your followers come from.

You can also see how you compare against other competitors.

Measuring Your Success With AnalyticsInstagram

There is currently no in-built tool for viewing analytics on Instagram. However, there are plenty of tools outside of the platform that can do this for you. Simply find one in a search engine and you will be able to track your progress on Instagram.

Measuring Your Success Through Analytics

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