Setting Your Social Media Goals

Whether you’re a flower shop that wants to let customers know it can arrange any type flower combination, or a clothes shop with plans to open other branches across the region or country, every business has social media goals it wants to achieve. For some of them, they’re huge goals which take a long time to reach, whilst others take smaller steps to more achievable goals. Either way, setting social media goals is a fundamental part of creating a social media marketing strategy for your business, as you need to establish where you are now compared to where you want to be.


Aurameir Digital Agency | Setting Social Media Goals in 4 Easy Steps

Instagram is a great platform; particularly if your brand has lots of visuals.

Choose a process to measure against

Once you have decided what you would like your goals to be, you need to create a process to measure whether you are achieving them or not. For example, the cake shop might want to share some of their best baking tips with their audience to make sure they are staying at the forefront of their customers’ minds. They could do this by encouraging customers to sign up to a monthly newsletter that provides them with information that will help improve their baking skills. These goals can be categorised as general marketing goals, but in actual fact, social media goals work in the same way.


Likes doesn’t equal success

So many businesses use social media to follow their business and marketing goals, but the problem is that some of them mistake judging social media success by the number of likes or follows their profile acquires, which is the wrong approach to take. You could think of a ‘like’ as a passive gesture, like a nod you might give to someone you pass on the street; you’re acknowledging them, but not much else.


Aurameir Digital Agency | Setting Social Media Goals in 4 Easy Steps

Likes do not necessarily mean success, though they are good for measuring engagement.

Decide what you want your customers to do

Instead, create your goals to measure outcomes, for example the action you would like your customers to take once they’ve interacted with your social media. You need to ask yourself what you would like your customers to do from this point, for example the cake shop might want to get more subscribers to their newsletter, and therefore would encourage their social media followers to go to an internal or external link to type in their email address. This is something you can track because you can see whether your social media updates drive traffic to sign ups.


Setting Social Media Goals in 4 Easy Steps

Using Live Streams across Social Media platforms could help you achieve your goals.

Analyse your customers’ activity

When your goals have been set you will need to, either yourself, in-house or externally, work with an IT or SEO specialist to set up the analytics for your social media campaigns so that you can track the ways in which your customers are interacting with you. This will involve choosing which type of data you will need to capture and the criteria you will use to measure your success against.


Social media, just like the other elements of your business’s marketing, should be there to help propel your company to where you want it to go, and if it is not doing that, you will need to adjust it.


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