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Instagram is a great way to help any individual to showcase hobbies, passions, interests and more. Plus with the new update, it is a great way for a business or organisation to grow, expand and promote themselves. You could be a business newly started, or a globally recognised brand seeking to explore a new route, Instagram is the way to go.


Putting your business on Instagram can be very beneficial. If used correctly, it can and will increase awareness of the products/services that you provide. .. Reaching those you may not have been able to reach before. As well as the previous, there are opportunities for you to virally market your products and service, if done correctly. For example, an innovative/creative video with trending topical hashtags. A video that could go viral and reach more than the audience within your own country.


All of the above can be done if you learn how to use leverage on Instagram in just the right way, ensuring you a steady success.

Here are a few tips to help you use leverage in just the right way:

– Feature photos/videos of your products/services – This will show people what they will be getting for what you charge, as well as the quality of your work.
– Host contests or giveaways – This is a great chance for your followers, and anyone who spots the post, to have fun and engage with your social media. In turn, they will want to check out the company behind the contest/giveaway, and what they do.
– Find users that are already customers – You will be able to see what people really think about you, and just how many people have shared your post.
– Communicate with customers/potential clients – If someone comments on a post of yours…reply! Thank them for their comment, or reply back with a suggestion like ‘check out our website for more’.
– Keep tabs on competitors – It won’t hurt for you to check out what other businesses like yours are up to. You can see what people respond well too and can adjust what you post accordingly. It also gives you a chance to be creative with new ideas based with what you’ve seen.

On the subject of being creative with your work, there are ways in which you can structure your content and plan your content ideas. It will be helpful to both you and your clients/followers if you have somewhere, perhaps a blog or a page on your website, a list of all your products/services and their benefits. But what you have to remember most about Instagram with your business, is that it’s a chance for your company to be unique, creative and personal.

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We have created ten top tips below for you that will additionally help further your business grow, using Instragram to thrive, enjoy.

Top 10 Tips

1.) Upload photos/videos – If your business is new to Instagram, start uploading a daily picture post from the beginning. Don’t create an account for it to be barren or rarely used. It won’t look good on your business.
2.) Interact with the community – Comment on people’s photos that feature similar content to yours, tag those you may have worked with, and as mentioned previously, always reply to comments left on a post of yours.
3.) Review Instagram activity – On a monthly basis, check your Instagram statistics and activity. For example, how many followers/comments/mentions/ you gained in that month.
4.) Link Instagram with other social media – This comes in handy when sharing the Instagram post to multiple platforms, all in one space.
5.) Utilise hashtags – Use a lot of trending, topical or relevant hashtags that link to the picture/video you’re about to post.
6.) Add location to posts – People will now be able to see where you are based, as well as where you travel to and what areas/countries you do business with.
7.) Re-Post to Instagram – It won’t hurt to re-post images/videos you have been tagged in, it reinforces your committed working/business relationship with the person who tagged you.
8.) Utilise relationship between Facebook & Instagram – When sharing a post to Instagram, you might decide you want to advertise/boost your post, sharing your Instagram post on your buisiness’ Facebook page will do that.
9.) Embed Instagram photos to your website- It won’t hurt to use some of the images you have posted to business’ your Instagram, it will show how well you are utilising what you have created for your audiences.
10.) Be patient – Growing followers/clients/audiences takes time. But with patience, you can achieve all of the above and so much more.

Thank you for reading this post, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and that its been useful to you.

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– Lee Foya

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